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In collaboration with Trend Studio Milano 


Basic Photography Course from A to Z

dedicated to all those who want to learn essential photographic techniques.

In this course we will cover  all topics  necessary that will allow you to manage the photo shoot from A to Z:

  • your photo camera and its features

  • the basic rules

  • natural light

  • basic studio light schemes

  • organization of the photographic set

  • model management and much more


Studio fotografico

Advanced Photography Course


The Photography Course aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a photographic career. It is a course  which delves into all aspects of photography.

The course is aimed at all those who already have a basic preparation in the field of photography and want to learn the art of Portraiture.

The course will be held at Trend Studio Milano, equipped to give the best in photography.

Studio fotografico
Il cibo fotografo
Il cibo fotografo

Specific Photography Course

The Specific Photography Courses allow you to tackle specific topics related to photography, in the studio and outdoors, with guided exercises
They are shorter, monothematic courses, which deal (at different levels) with a specific topic.

The internships organized in the evening or on weekends are single-issue courses.

In these meetings, practice is privileged: the participants work by creating their images under the guidance of a master. The theory and technique are obviously fundamental components that also have their place in these meetings.

The course will be held at Trend Studio Milano, equipped to give the best in photography.




Glamor and nude
Still life

Food Photography
Social Photography

Post Production Course

Post production is now entirely part of the essential workflow of all photographers, but not only.
It is an essential element to be able to effectively pursue a marketing goal or simply be able to amaze with your own images.

This course reveals in DETAIL a number of powerful Photoshop methods and capabilities.

It will change the way you process your photos and make you much more proficient in fashion and beauty photography retouching and color correction.

la scrittura sul computer
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